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April 27, 1942

Nothing of consequence has transpired today. We were bombed a few times by heavy bombers, but no damage of any consequence resulted. We don’t mind the bombers, as compared with the artillery. They are easier to dodge, and do less damage, for they aren’t accurate due to altitude at which they are forced to fly. However, a shell doesn’t give much warning. Still no Jap attack, and there isn’t much time before the Emperor’s birthday if they intend to attack before then. We are having quite a time trying to find space for 1,000 beds for the hospital. Men are sleeping all over the main tunnel as it is, but triple deck bunks are being installed to increase the capacity. I don’t see how some of the men get any sleep, for they sleep on boxes, on the concrete floor, and any place they can crowd in, with people talking and walking all around them and cars passing within a foot of their heads. It would be something like sleeping on the curb at 42nd and Broadway in New York. The nights are beautiful now as the moon is about 3/4 full. It is always cool outside in the evening, but a little dangerous.