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Dec. 11, 1941



Yes war and all its pangs of suffering and sorrow, broke out on the Philippines Dec. 8, 41, the Feast of the Annuncation of Our Blessed Mother. Clark Field bombed with 54 bombers highth of 27,000 ft.. Clark Field partly destroyed. Casualities about 300 dead & wounded. I remained in Battery Area which was about 200 yds. from Clark Field about 3 days. 7 planes downed first raid by 200 CA. Moved better area few blocks away Dec. 11, 1941.

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Yes Sgt. Guest, England Sgt. Mechili, Ruben Garcia, Jarmillio and others saw last action, few others wounded. I came very close of getting it myself, four bombs fell within radius of 10 ft. of me. Some of wounded around me. We lost some of the best men of the Battery. So 200 shed some of its first blood a day never to be forgotten.