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January 12, 1942

I feel rather out of sorts today with this cold. It is making good progress. Have been in to see the doctor but the stuff they gave me doesn’t help. If someone would find a quick cure for a cold could make a fortune in a hurry.

Still quiet here. We are having one beautiful day after another with no visits by bombers. Of course we are not complaining about that. However, the Japs are getting more active at the front. They have been assembling troops and weapons for several days, and appear to be about ready for a drive. They have already pushed in our outpost line, but it has been restored again. They seem to be headed for an effort against the left of the 57th where my old battalion, the 3rd, is in position. They made an attack against the 3rd battalion today and pushed it back a little, but the main line of resistance was reported as being restored by a counterattack. Our artillery is reported as doing very good work. They have dispersed a number of troop concentrations today, silenced a number of hostile batteries, and hit a few tanks. During all this, the enemy aviation is active at the front with observation and dive bombers. They have complete mastery of the air, so it is hard for front line troops to operate.