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January 18, 1942

It has been cloudy all day today, and there was a little rain. I have been taking a sunbath at noon each day for the past five days, but couldn’t do it today as the sky was entirely overcast.

We had no visit from the Japs today, and there was very little air activity over Bataan. Possibly they didn’t like what happened to some of their planes yesterday. Anyway, they dumped a lot of bombs on the airfield yesterday, but did little damage. The field was in operation this morning.

The Japs are now trying out the left flank of our defensive position. They landed some troops north of Morong yesterday but were chased off by the I Corps, or a detail therefrom. Later they returned and recaptured Morong. There was some fighting around there today, but the details have not been received. At the present time the Japs have several transports and warships moving into Port Bananga north of Morong. Evidently, they intend to make a landing there, but there is no road to the south. They will have to work through the trails about five miles to Morong. As a sample of their shooting, a cruiser fired a broadside at our shore and failed to reach the beach by 1000 yards. I haven’t heard what they expected to hit.