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January 20, 1942

It has been a beautiful day—quiet and peaceful as far as Corregidor is concerned. So far as I know not a plane has been over the island. It has also been relatively quiet at the front. Practically no aerial activity, and very little action of any kind. Some 200 or 300 Japs worked through the mountains and got in rear of the left flank of the Abucay position, and were reported to be preparing to attack the rear. However, their presence was known and an attempt was made to encircle and capture all of them, but most of them got away in the mountains. Some were captured. A part troop of the 26th Cavalry [U.S.], cut off in the Cagayan Valley, dashed into the airport at Tueguegarao yesterday—killed about 125 Japs and dispersed the remaining force—about 300. So it was reported. No action on west coast of Bataan. One or two ships are still in that area, but no attempt seems to have been made to land. We’re trying to get some rice shipped up from Cebu, Iloilo, and Tacloban. President Quezon sent radios to the governors of the provinces to charter ships and send up the rice. I hope it works, for there is now an acute shortage. In the meantime, rice is being harvested and milled on Bataan, as existing stocks are almost exhausted. Still have a remnant of the cold.