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May 5, 1942

It looks as though the Japs intend to keep pounding away at us until they have pulverized all the defense weapons and installations and will have little trouble in taking Corregidor. It is amazing to me that they are able to keep up their ammunition supply. They are throwing over thousands of rounds each day, and that means hundreds of tons of shells which must be trucked for some distance. It is a big job just to supply the ammunition. There has been no letup in shelling or bombing yet—in fact it seemed to be more intense today if anything. It certainly appears that a landing attack will be attempted in the near future. Just what will happen if the Japs attempt to land is problematical. Gen. W. had a radio from Gen. Marshall late last night (11:15 p.m.) asking for a frank estimate of the situation to be sent to him direct. We wrote it up and got off a reply about 1 a.m. today. It stated frankly, as requested, that we had been taking a bad beating, and had less than an even chance of beating off a landing attack. A paraphrase of the message was sent to Gen. MacArthur this morning. I would not be at all surprised to see a landing attack at any time.