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New Year’s Day — January 1, 1943

We have spent a quiet day. No planes have flown nor has shooting taken place. Estrella had a young calf butchered, so we had some nice tenderloin and liver for lunch Hector (Estrella’s 19-year old son) opened a bottle of wine (Anis del Mono) that they have had for 10 years.

We heard that the Filipinos ambushed the Japanese near our farmhouse in Barotac. Just the day before, Japanese had come to the house and looked over the place. Some workers in the rice field saw them and started to run, but the Japanese ran after them and told them to stay. They said that they wanted to have a meeting at the same place the following day. The Filipino soldiers got wind of it, and ambushed the Japanese when they came. We have not heard what the outcome of the ambush was – perhaps in a few days we will.