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Sun. Aug. 13/44

During the week I did not feel like writing — too busy — but on Sundays, with not so much to occupy my mind and hands, my thought turn to friends and home. So I write as if I were talking to you all.

It is raining again, and the camp is a mess. There is a shortage of water in the pipes, and hundreds of pails of water must be carried daily for use in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Willie, Leo and I with five other men are to make up a patrol for night duty — just here in the camp. We have been given sawali to enclose our sleeping quarters — also a special light. We have not started to patrol yet. It will be mostly to look for fires and to be on duty if anyone is wanted in a hurry! We keep well. The dysentery scare is mostly over, but several cases are still in the hospital.