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November 21, 1944

Nov. 21st

The air-raid siren went off at 4:25 AM. Now it is after 10 o’clock, the air-raid alarm is still on, not a plane has appeared. We hear that 400 planes bombed Mariveles & Corregidor. A rumor, of course. But something is happening – I am sure of it – For the first time – It is just two months since Manila was first bombed. In the next weeks, we shall see great things – I have never felt so hopeful before.


The air-raid-passed signal was given at 12:24 – Almost 8 hours under the airraid & not a plane.

Rumors are spreading: guerilla activity in Bulacan & Pagasinan – Landings in Legaspi, Nasugbu, along the Tyabas coast. The paper is supposed to have said – “subversive elements, ex-convicts & disloyal elements aided by P-38’s have been causing disturbances in Bulacan and Pagasinan.” If this is true, we can really be hopeful. Surely we should never allow great guerilla activity unless an army was prepared to support the guerillas.

As for food, the situation grows worse with every day –

1) The camp is out of money. This means no more coconut milk, no more watery vegetable gravies – Even though the milk and the gravies are so watery that they contribute very few calories, they help us get the corn & rice down – I have recommended taking all private funds for camp use – There are about P 180.000 (military on deposit at the Tiwan Bank for a/c of individuals – If we use it only for the purchase of coconuts at P 8 ea it will last for 2 months.

2) The few cans of powdered milk the camp has left must be saved for the babies expected


between now and February. It is a crime to have a baby now. Some of the parents I am sure have planned it, so there will be no delivery costs. The camp & later the Red Cross will take care of the feeding, etc. Of course, some of the babies are out of wedlock, which surely was not planned.

3) Lt. Shiragi has suggested that all dogs in the camp be killed & eaten – Children to be given the best cuts & aenemic patients be given the livers – It is interesting to note that as he was giving this advice, 6 cows & 2 calves were brought in for use of the Commandants Office.

4) A supply of cassava root arrived – Lt. Shiragi asked for a crew to grind it into flour – Earl Carroll asked how much the camp should be given – Shiragi answered “The camp?…Well, maybe a little bit.” He’s absolutely shameless!

5) So we’ll need good humor – I weigh 107 now, down 11 pounds in 21 days. It is hard to climb stairs. But while I often wonder when the troops are coming, I would not want them to start until they could go forward with little loss of life – We are not important enough to waste the lives of strong young


men –

The Cadillac (41) of the Japanese C-in-C (Yamashita) is in protective custody – Yamashita is still on the loose –