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December 5, 1944


Dec. 5th – 150 persons, almost all over fifty years of age, left, for Los Baños at 2:30 A.M. today –

I’ll believe all these reports about relief supplies, when they arrive in camp.

I put Hamlet aside for a few days – and am reading “Coriolanus.” – The two had one thing in common: They were both individuals fighting against the common mob and its deadening mediocrity – But Hamlet was a genius of fantasy, of thought, while Coriolanus was a genius of action – It would be interesting to write an essay on the reaction of each to the situation confronting the other – Both disdained power for its own sake – they were not ambitious –

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Speaking of Hamlet, do you remember his speech “0, that this too, too solid flesh would melt” – His wish would have been granted, if he had been interned by the Japs –

There were 3 robberies last night – The exchange booth, the locker of an old couple, and another cupboard on the 3rd floor. Shameful! All the foodstuffs taken – These robberies were not done by hungry amateurs but by professional thieves – And we are the great & mighty white race!

There is as much community spirit in this camp as among a pack of jackals.