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December 5, 1944

Yesterday, the laboratory finished a total exam of all mess personnel. Two positive for E. histolytica and these were taken off food handling.

The mess had to stop their fires at 3:00 AM because of aerial activity and unidentified planes over the city. A red flare was seen also. Breakfast was on time in the main compound but held up until 9:30 in the outer compound.

Talked with Mr. Kuboda this morning and requested use of Serbian barrel for delousing (it has been out of use several mos. because of wood shortage). Talked over letter for church supplies. Chaplain’s problems consume entirely too much time in my dealings with the Japanese. Also, I reminded him of commssary orders for tobacco and coconuts and he premised to try to expedite this. The personnel are all crying for tobacco, none has been sold or issued since almost October 20, except one pkg. of cigarettes per man.

Personally, I have lumbo – sacral myonitis, acute and am sleeping on a hard bed.

There is no change in ration issue — grain averaged about 270 gms. per men per day, last month and the caloric intake total was 1292 per day. 10 gms. of protein (live bait type dried fish) were issued per day in lieu of 100 gms anthorlzed and all vegetables were low. Wood for fires is now being cut, there is to be no more oil or sugar issued according to the QM. These factors, plus poor housing account for low morale altho I think it is better now than a month ago, because there have been no draft threats recently, people are more used to the place (4 walls don’t bother them so much), and talks are being given in little bull sessions about innoccuous subject such as cheese or candy making, gifts to be received stateside, investment counsel. etc. (all talks actually are verbatim).