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[July-26 October 1521]

We sailed from Borney, and returned by the same course which we had come, and so we passed between the head of the isle of Bornei and Poluan [Palawan]; and we went to the W.,[3] to fall in with the isle of Cuagayan [Mapun Island]; and so we went by the same course to make for the island of Quipit [Mindanao] on the S. side, and in this course, between Quipit and Cuagayan, we saw to the S. an island which they call Solo [Sulu], in which there are many pearls, very large—they say that the king of this island has a pearl like an egg. This island is in 6° latitude; and so, going on this course, we fell in with three small islands; and further on we met with an island named Tagima [Basilan], and they say there are many pearls there; and this island lies with Solo N.E. S.W.¼E.W., and Tagima is in 6⅚°. It is opposite the Cape of Quipit, and the said cape is in 7¼°, and lies with Paluan E.S.E. W.N.W.

From here we coasted the island of Quipit [Mindanao] on the south side, and we went to E.¼S.E. as far as some islets; and along the coast there are many villages, and there is much good cinnamon in this island, and we bought some of it; and there is much ginger on this coast; and so we went to E.N.E., until we saw a gulf; then we went to S.E. until we saw a large island, and thence to the cape at the east of the island of Quipit [Mindanao], and at the cape of this island there is a very large village, which collects much gold from a very large river, and this cape is 191½° of the meridian.