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27th of September, 1762

Twenty-seventh. The Governor sent out a flag of truce, to apologize for some barbarities committed by the savages lately mentioned, who had murdered some straggling seamen; and to request, that a nephew of his, taken in the bay, might be sent on shore. This gentleman had been dispatched from the Philippina galleon, just arrived on the coast from Acapulco, with the first advices of the war. Hostilities ceased till eleven at night, when we recommenced our fire from the mortars, increased them to four, and placed a six-pounder on our left flank, as a further security for our post at St. Jago’s church. As the capture of the galleon, and her treasure, might be well esteemed a national object, Mr. Cornish proposed sending the Panther and Argo from the squadron to intercept her, which was consented to; and the officers of the navy very generously agreed to dur sharing any prizes that might be taken in this cruise, as we had before consented to their sharing with us in any booty that might be taken at land; and the distribution to be made according to the rules his Majesty has fixed for the sea-service. The Admiral likewise sent on shore eight twenty-four pounders ship guns, and two eighteen-pounders, for our battering train ; as, to save time, we brought only the land-carriages and platforms from Madrass.