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Dec. 8/41

Was awakened by room boy who told me Hawaii had been bombed by Japanese at 2:00 am. I couldn’t believe it for some time-too incredible. However, all doubts were soon removed by radio, newspapers and bombings of Camp John Hay at 8 am., where the Japanese apparently thought they would kill Gen. MacArthur who was reported, falsely, as being there, Some casualties and considerable damage resulted from bombing.

Clark Field, Aparri, and several other fields bombed during day. Worst bombing at Clark Field where more than half our planes were destroyed and over three hundred killed, Hospital at Fort Stotsenburg, where Clark Field is located, was swamped with casualties. Three bus loads of medical soldiers, officers and nurses left Sternburg to assist them.

At 10:20 pm. had first air raid alarm in Manila. It was a terrible sound-everyone expected bombers to come over bombing indiscriminately. However, no planes came over city, but some did bomb Nichols Field which is an outskirts of Manila.