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July 25, 1944 (Tuesday)

Submitted our graduation thesis today—On the Japanese Police System and the Future of the Police Administration in the Philippines and My Impressions of the Police Training Course at the Keisatsu Kōshūjo.

Party at Masuda Mansion. After class this p.m. we were invited to Baron and Baroness Masuda’s residence for a get-together of Filipino pensionados. (Baron Masuda came from the P.I. and will again visit the Islands in two months.)

It was the most enjoyable party we have ever attended since we arrived in Japan. There was plenty of good, good music and pleasant company. A certain Miss Masako Minami, dressed in South American costume a la Carmen Miranda, entertained us with modern songs. She is Japanese with German blood, and she does not look a bit Japanese, especially in that dress.) An impromptu musical program was held, and the Pinoys showed off too. Mrs. Masuda in beautiful evening dress, wearing a pearl necklace around her neck, played the piano alternately with her husband, who also played divinely. The party broke up at
about 10:00 o’clock.

At Pete Sawada’s Place. From the Masuda’s place, I went with Sison and Duque to Pete Sawada, son of Ambassador Sawada to Burma, to arrange for the party he intends to give us next Friday. It is going to be a party for those of us who take judo lessons at the Kōdōkan where we met Pete Sawada often.