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December 3, 1944

Yesterday and today have been very quiet – no planes or shooting. The weather has been stormy and we were a little worried for fear of another flood, but thank goodness it has cleared up. The prices of everything are still rising and food is scarce, as the USAFFE soldiers will not permit food to enter the city. We cannot get rice from Barotac and we only have enough until the 15th of this month. Coné is charging rice for his calls, instead of money. I am also bartering clothes. Most people are disposing of their extra clothes to buy food. If we don’t get relief soon many people will die of starvation and disease. The supply of medicine is becoming exhausted, and what is available is so costly that poor people cannot afford it. Dolly and Jr. have fully recovered, but are very thin. I, too, am thin. Coné, Millard and Roland look well. One seldom sees a stout person now. Even Susie Gurrea has lost weight.