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32nd Day, Jan. 28, 1945

At Kwajalein, Marshall group, early this morning. Airplanes all over the place. I feel great to be here—another place that a few months ago was a Jap possession.

Their communal graves show that their authority has disappeared. It’s being fixed up well.

Maj. Done, its CO, is very cordial and hospitable. He drives us all over the place pointing out to us the historic points. We have chicken dinner here—it’s Sunday. Every one of us feel that we have been treated royally. It’s a lovely place—[columnist] Raymond Capper died and was buried here.

We are on our way to Johnson Island at 4 this afternoon.

We are at Johnson by 6 p.m. A bus met us here. It’s another U.S. possession. Modern conveniences are available here. I have taken a shower bath.

We leave at ten tonight.