March 2, 1970 Monday


11:25 PM

March 2, 1970

I am quoted by the afternoon papers (Mirror and Evening News) as having charged the Jesuits of the Philippines of having incited revolution. I have said no such thing and have issued a denial. In the pause after the golf game last Saturday I merely said to Greg Datuin, Han Brown and Noring Andolong that we were looking into the participation or involvement of some of the school authorities including the Jesuits in the disorders and riots of the past several weeks.

Father Ortiz has immediately issued a disclaimer and a charge of fascism and practically demanded an investigation. So I am asking the Secretary of Education, the Secretary of Justice and the Immigration Commissioner to conduct an investigation specially of the Adenauer Fund which is supposed to be used for research for the constitutional convention. Father Sheffeld is pinpointed by Father Doherty as the one sent to approve the expenditure of the Adenauer Fund. He is now teaching German in Ateneo.

But then the story might have been blown up by the radicals in media who would only be too glad to see the clergy embarrassed. And to split the moderates whom they may represent and the government.

However some of the Jesuits are indeed preaching the need of violence like some of the faculty members in the public and private universities like UP, PCC….

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