March 12, 1970


11:45 PM

March 12, 1970

Dory suggests that I talk to Chino Roces and get him to come around to seeing our side. But we have tried this before.

The Elizaldes have agreed to allow Kits Tatad my press secretary to write a column correcting the mistakes committed in the morning press specially the Manila Times. When we need to increase the circulation by 20,000 we would need per month 100 tons of newsprint at a cost of $15,000. But we would need three months supply as a standby.

We are also going to do this in radio by Kits and TV by somebody else. Leon O Ty will now also start a TV commentary.

Conferred with the people who have anything to do on prices. Appointed UnderSec. Bung Tanco as the Chairman of the committee to attend to prices. The plan includes importation by consumer cooperatives, tie-up of the agricultural or producer cooperatives and the consumer cooperatives directly or through the GMFTM. This may be the silver lining of this cloud of high prices and hoarding. The Phil. Wholesale Society has been given $200,000 to import essentials.

The importers of prime commodities (canned goods) are willing to give their entire supply to the government for distribution. I give them 5% profit only. The offer was made by the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and big importers like Connell Bros.

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