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Thursday, May 18th, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo

Copper change is getting very scarce. Yesterday I traveled once on a street car without paying fare and today twice because the conducted when collecting fare could not make change. The reason for the scarcity given that this copper money is worth more in Spain than it is here, hence speculators are sending the coin out of the country.

Yesterday I saw standing on the Escolta a white man dressed in a Salvation Army uniform, i.e. every thing save the cap, band, badge and S. buttons. If he is a Salvationist he is trying to hide his identity. I was told that that Salvationist dressed in uniform came here, by an outsider who claimed to have come over on the same boat with him.

Wrote & copied three letters this forenoon (1) farewell to Bro. Wm Eletson of the Flagship “Olympia” (2) to Mrs. Lt. Col. Brewer, Newark, N. Jersey putting her in Eletson’s trail to secure a biographical sketch of him by “Harbor Lights” when he arrives in New York (3) Bro. Geo. Berry, Hospital, Corregidor island, asking him to let me know by Saturday’s mail what arrangements can be made for lodging & food 2 nights & one day in case I came over by next Tuesday to hold a meeting there.

Went down to the post office & mailed the letters. While on the car, looking out of the car window I saw Bro. Hans Verweibe coming down the Escolta going towards the bridge of Spain with another man. Verweibe did not come to see me as I expected he would.

Purchased more shells from a Filipino man for my collection, which is assuming respectable proportions. This afternoon Bro. J. Merritt dropped in to see me. I was agreeably surprised. Asked me to go out for a walk with him as he wanted to learn the city. I escorted him through the notorious Tondo district & explained the points of interest to him as far as the Isabel 2d canal monument; also asked him about the state of his soul. Said he is getting along well spiritually. We prayed together before starting out. I was greatly & agreeably surprised to learn that he is doing well for which I praise God.

God the Holy Ghost blessed me with His love in my soul that night; praise to His glorious name.

Paid $35 Mex. rent to Mrs. Isabel Wood for month of May.

Rev. & Mrs. Owens had a candy pulling to commemorate the 7th Anniversary of their marriage. The Presbyterian missionary, Rev. Rodgers, Bro. Glunz & several other men were present.