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April 28, 1942

If the Japs are going to take Corregidor as a birthday present for the Emperor, tonight is their best chance, as tomorrow is the 29th. I don’t believe they will try it, as this place is too strong at the present stage of the game. It will require a great deal more “softening” before it is ready to be assaulted. The Japs have been very quiet today, as for the past few days, so it appears that they are stocking up on their ammunition so they can throw it all at us in a big way tomorrow. We had an air raid today but it didn’t amount to anything. We also were shelled a little, off and on during the day. However, I managed to get in a good sunbath for about forty minutes. Our food is getting to be about the same every day. For instance, I had corned beef hash three times today—breakfast, dinner, and supper. Now I like corned beef hash, but I fear it will soon cease to be appetizing if I eat it every meal for many days. Incidentally I have had it a great many times previously. However, we get enough to eat, and that is worth a great deal.