Aug 2nd Wednesday 1899

Mosquitos were so bothersome last night, and I slept but little so went to bed on the floor early –at midnight the outposts were fired upon, but a Spaniard who had escaped and came to our lines yesterday, had told us of a night attack, so we were on our guard, and the 21st opened volleys. We fell in and took position until daylight, but the outposts held their own. The rebels all had Rem and the thick heavy reports were pretty close together. Two prisoners were taken. Signal lights are blazing of the hills tonight.

The 21st head’q’ts  burnt Morong and came here and Brig Gen Hall (who we all hate) was relieved by Col of 21st. Battery E 1st Art left to take Los Baños today. About 4 mi. to S in plain view, and as we have heard no fighting, we suppose the city surrendered. Rained hard today.

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