Friday, December 12, 1941

Spent the day at camp. Did the work this morning and played around with the kids. Ate lunch and took a short siesta. Walsers went into Manila today and came back around 4:00. I was still in the bunk. Hansie came running in and said for me to come to the car, that there was a surprise for me. While I was hurriedly dressing, Jeanette came in. To spend the night with me! Just as I came down the ladder Jun, Roger, Dave, and Benny walked in. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The ambulance they were with had been sent to Antipolo, so they stopped in for a while on their way back

After they’d left, while going down to the river to get water for a bath, Jen slipped and fell headfirst into the river. It was so funny.

We took our baths, ate supper, played around, and then to bed.

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