April 19, 1944 (Wednesday)

At the Geihinkan. Dropped in this p.m. at the Geihinkan, Great East Asia Guest Mansion, to pay our respects to the members of the Philippine Mission headed by Speaker Aquino. Saw special newsreel shown to the members of the mission in one of the rooms of the mansion.

I had an intimate chat with Mr. Osias who called me to his side during the movies to talk to me on our conditions in Japan. He told me that there were bad reports concerning us Constabulary officers. I tried to explain to him our side. (The little anomalies occurring at the dormitory have been exaggerated and special reports were even sent to President Laurel concerning the behavior of a few in our group. Personally, I do not think there is anything really serious. It is only a typical case of the proverbial mountain out of a molehill.)

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