Wednesday, May 3d, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo

Heavy black clouds obscured the sky; very hot; no rain. Slept well last night; quite weary. Read a chapter in Numbers & a psalm. Cooked breakfast and washed dishes.

After cleaning up went down to Quiapo Dist to the Imperial Photo Gallery. Secured one print of the No. 2 Calle Sta. Elena photograph unmounted, for London “All the World”. The negatives of one film left with this gallery are badly torn. Left another making 3. May be the fault of the hot weather. Photographic work done for me in this city is unsatisfactory. Called at the barracks of the 1st Montana vol. Inf. to see Bro. Dave Freeman. He was asleep when I entered. Awaked him. Requested him to put on cartridge belt to get his Springfield. This he did; then I took a Kodak of him with the tent in which he was save in the background. Called at the post office; then of a Filipino man purchased some sea shells and returned home.

Private (Bro.) Ackarett, Section 4, B. Battery. Utah Light Artillery dropped in. we had a conversation on spiritual & other topics. I made him & Rev. Owens some lemonade. Private (Bro.) Peter Shipper of the U.S. Engineer corps, drove up in the wagon belonging to the corps bringing me a lot of San Francisco War Crys, viz, 28 copies, No. 589 Mar. 11th ’99; 61 of 590, Mar. 18th; 36 of 591, Mar. 25th and 50 of 592, Apr. 1st. This I will distribute. Packages are sent him & not to me. A few copies were taken by various parties which made the number given above, larger. Before Shipper, left, he, Bro. Ackarett & I had prayer together.

Following their departure I wrote & copied a 4 page letter to Brigadier Henry Stillwell & addressed it to 124 W. 14th St. New York marked private. The letter describes the Philippine present & prospective, my work, support etc. and advice re starting work in the future. I took pains with his letter & hurried it, because he expects to farewell from his division & hints that the Philippines may be his future command.

The hour was late when I finished the letter. Hurried to the Commissary warehouse on the rail road street in Barrier San Nicolas, but it was closed. Then inquired my way, abiding place. Found it & my man. Greeted me pleasantly. I took supper with him & the other Commissary clerks & detail. They live quite well. Have a Chinese cook. Supper over Kline accompanied me as far as the Gen. Blanco bridge, where we parted. Gave him good advice. Is backslidden. Will secure supplies for me from the Gov’t for which I am to pay.

Returning home called at the Cuartel Meisig for my evening “Times”. Saw the torn wrapper bearing my name on the seat vacated by the sentry. Got my paper from him. While awaiting the man’s return I pressed the duty of man towards Christ on the attention of a Third Artillery soldier who formerly attended S.A. meetings in San Francisco.

I loaned Rev. Owens $2 Mex. to by supplies. At the post office I was paid on salary a/c for the month of April $34 U.S. coin. Less $3 goes to Gen’l a/c fund as that amount was paid out from that fund.

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