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April 26, 1942

The occupation of Cebu and Panay progresses, and so does the retreat of the USAFFE troops to the mountains. Iloilo, as almost all other big towns, is for the most part devastated. Sugar is now being used as barricades, just as they had done in Cebu, and ships loaded with sugar are sunk at the ports to obstruct Japanese landings.

Meanwhile, isolated groups of soldiers persist in open resistance while the remaining USAFFE forces in Abra and Benguet relentlessly attack the towns of Ilocos and Pangasinan. This division in the Ilocos seems to be the most organized, counting with more soldiers and officers than other groups. They even have an airfield.

In the mining mountains of Camarines Norte, civilians and miners were organized into a militia to attack military posts and army vehicles going to Bicol. Governor Escudero led a resistance group composed of some remaining members of the Constabulary. All of Bicolandia is subject to the constant threats of guerilla groups, and many people have evacuated to Naga where the Japanese have formed barricades. On the other side, armed groups from Pampanga are scouring the mountains of Zambales.