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April 26, 1942

The clouds are beginning to bank up each afternoon in the south, which is an indication of the approach of the rainy season. However, there has been no rain worthy of note in Bataan thus far. The shells which dropped at the west entrance of the tunnel last night made everyone a little nervous about going outside. There was a noticeable decrease in the number of people at the east entrance today, and most of them stayed only long enough to smoke a cigarette. Several approached me with a request to secure permission to smoke inside the east entrance. I spoke to Gen. Moore about it, and he was not particularly in favor of it. He does not smoke, but said he was willing to do what was best as far as he was concerned. I am not in favor of general smoking in the tunnel, as the air is foul enough as it is. I am letting it drop. We were shelled a little today, and had a couple of air raids, but I don’t believe any bombs were dropped.

It is interesting to note that more people have been killed here since the fall of Bataan (a matter of 15 days) than were killed in the preceding months of the war. The artillery fire from Bataan is much more effective than the bombs. Nothing further has developed to indicate the imminence of a Jap attack.