26th of April, 1521

[Humabon receives a report that Lapulapu, a ruler of Mactan, refuses to recognize the King of Spain.]

[96] On Friday, 26 April, Zula, a chief of the island of Mactan, sent one of his sons to present two goats to the captain-general, and to say that he would send him all that he had promised, but that he had not been able to send it to him because of the other chief, Cilapulapu, who refused to obey the king of Spain; he requested the captain to send him only one boatload of men on the next night, so that they might help him to fight against the other chief. The captain-general decided to go there with three boatloads. We begged him repeatedly not to go, but he, like a good shepherd, refused to abandon his flock. At midnight, sixty of our men set out armed with corselets and helmets, together with the Christian king, the prince, some of the chief men, and twenty or thirty balanghai; three hours before dawn, we reached Mactan. The captain did not wish to fight then, but sent a message to the natives by the Moor to the effect that if they would obey the king of Spain, recognize the Christian king as their sovereign, and pay us our tribute, he would be their friend; but that if they wished otherwise, they should expect to see how our lances wounded. They replied that if we had lances, they had lances of bamboo and stakes hardened with fire; [they asked us] not to proceed to attack them at once, but to wait until morning, so that they might have more men. They said that in order to induce us to go in search of them; for they had dug certain pitfalls between the houses in order that we might fall into them.

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