April 26, 1942

Sunday Ft. Hughes

The Jeeps gave us an almost reverent Sunday. The high flyers came over during the morning and dropped a few strings on us. Luckily only 3 men had minor injuries. We shelled no one and no one shelled us although we got all set once and they called the whole thing off. I stayed in my bunk practically all day sweating and (I think) helped my cold considerably. In the afternoon just before supper I went down and gave myself a shave and a bath in brackish water. I felt pretty good, having cleaned up. The Captain finally managed the final shift of furniture and beds in the “wardroom” and I think the improvement is quite worthy. Things are relatively orderly now. We have also added a few improvements in the form of a large overhead fan and several small ones, drawing the air in the same direction, an electric drinking fountain (scuttlebutt), and an ice box, table cover, a “lounge” where we eat our meals, etc. It’s almost comfortable. Tonight we sent a demolition party to the ship – for first time – and they started off by losing their boat. That drove the skipper into a froth, almost, for which I can’t blame him. They’re too stupid to safeguard their only means of escape – such fools. They aren’t going to the ship to demolish it now but to do so if necessary. They will go out each night.

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