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Wednesday, June 7th 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo Dist.

Commencing early the sky was overcast with clouds. A gloomy day followed with slow falling rain. Tried to rest myself. Yesterday’s trip and heat made me quite weary.

Read a chapter in Deuteronomy and prayed. Cooked breakfast of bacon, coffee and oatmeal.

Called at the post office. No mail. On the street car down town paid no fare. Suppose they had no change. A common occurrence. Offered the conductor a nickel. Tried to buy soap in several stores but failed.

Purchased on the street 3 or 4 shells, land & sea for my collection.

This morning while at breakfast a Filipino bill collector another subscription bill of $2 Mex. to collect for the “Times”, up to June 24th. I wrote on the back that I am taking 3 dailies – too many – & that if they would make out their bill for half a month I would pay the same & discontinue the paper. This newspaper collected $4 sub. the other day of me.

My stay down town was brief. Returned home. Purchased 2 mangoes for one paset – 20 cents. Fruit is high. Got shaved in a Spanish barber shop on the Escolta. Paid 30 cents Mex. The price has gone up 10 cents Mex. since last week.

Private Geo. Bertrand of Co. G. 1st South Dakota Vol. Inf. came to see me. They have recently come down from San Fernando, where their regiment have been roused up once or twice every night, with a mild style of skirmish. The boys are pretty well worn out. B. said they will prefer the guard house to the front unless they are given a rest. B. also said his captain is a poor provider for his men. He does not bother his head on the march whether they get food & water or not. The consequence is, his men do not like him & in action will stray away to other commands leaving him with but a handful of soldiers to fight with.

Bro. Bertrand brought me $7.50 Mex to pay his Tenth League dues. Gave him a receipt. At the dinner hour he & I settled the fate of the two mangoes & 2 bowls of lemonade. Prayed together before he returned to quarters. B. when his reg’t returns to the U.S. expects to take his discharge here & remain awhile. Bro. Waterman called yesterday when I was up at San Fernando. God bless him.

Wrote No. 29 Weekly Letter to Lt.-Col. Alicia Lewis & mailed it.

Commenced writing an article for the S.F. War Cry.

Bro. Clayton Scott called late in the evening. Repaid me 50 cts. loaned him & paid for 2 photos of No. 2 house. Before he said good-night himself, the writer & Rev. & Mrs. Owens kneeled down in my front room & each of us prayed. Scott jokingly referred to me as an example of economy by doing my own cooking. I answered in effect that on thinking the matter over, it struck me as the wrong kind of economy, because if one’s time or talents was of no more value to an organization than to be used as a cook or dish washer, it is poor economy to send him 7000 miles across the ocean; the cooking & dishwashing could be done at home & the expense of the ocean voyage be saved. If I did less servant’s work or I would have more time for soul saving, employment & time to study the Spanish language.