Saturday, June 10th 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo Dist.

Heavy clouds hang on the horizon all day. No rain; warm, light wind. So tired this morning that I indulged myself by lying abed until about 6.30. Then up; read a chapter in Deuteronomy and prayed to my precious Lord for His protection, guidance & that He would use me through the untried hours of the day. It is a great comfort when facing the unknown hours of the just begun to know that the Lord’s providence will not fail.

Cooked breakfast: germen mush, fried ham & coffee.

Purchased a copy of Freedom & read it.

Walked over to the Tondo church thro’ the burnt district, to Senor B. Caramanzana, photographer. Films developed. Satisfied with the Filipino’s work. Prices reasonable. Left the films & ordered 24 prints. Also bought 1 photo for myself & half a dozen for Rev. Owens, then walked back to Calle Jolo street car & visited the post office. Given a letter from Major Acum, London, overlooked several days in the office.

Met Rev. Owens. Paid me for his photos.

Purchased a fancy sea shell. Also dropped into the Spanish grocery store on the Escolta adjoining the bridge of Spain, to purchase a box of oatmeal. The Spanish clerk who waited on me spoke a little English. Reading the band on my cap – “Salvation Army”, he imparted the information that he is a Salvationist belonging to an Australasian corps. The new clerk’s name is Feol. The Lord my have work for him to do.

Returned home. Mrs. Owens cooked the pineapple brought down from Malolos yesterday. Gave her part of it.

Continued my narrative of the Philippine S.A. war. Made the MS. 15 pages note. Subheads: “San Fernando”, “Prices”, “Corpus Christi” and “Rifle Shots”. Wrote & copied a letter to Lieut-Col. Wm Evans, San Francisco Cal. & sent it & a photo of main plaza at San Fernando, to him for the Cry.

Down town, patronized a Spanish barber shop on the Escolta. Paid $30 Mex. Strikes me, the price, as extortion.

The Daily Manila “American” sent a bill collector, a Filipina, around to collect $2 Mex. sub. to July 1stMade out a list of missing copies & wrote the Business Manager, to send them to complete my file; also to send paper to No.2.

Rev. Owens brought the news this evening that heavy or sharp “scrapping” – fighting – has been going on down at Paranaque. Said he saw upon the Luneta the ships of war firing at the place. Quite a number of men are reported hurt in the South Dakotas & Colorados. My first thought is re the safety of the Salvationists in those regiments. God protect our precious boys. Amen. Perharps they are fighting tonight.

Cooked supper. Oatmeal mush, fried ham and cocoa.

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