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Aug. 18, 1911

I am sorry to be as cynical as I appear, but I cannot help it.

It seems to me I have not had the sympathy and the coopera­tion I ought to have. Since the beginning, you all seem to be ready to condemn, to blame and to provoke me, rather than to encourage and give me hope. I have been alone – as far as my family is concerned – in my battle for life. He alone has sympathized, has encouraged and helped me in my misfor­tune. Do they think for a moment, I wonder, that I am satis­fied to be thus deprived of my chances for success, accom­plishment and work? Little do they know and realize my heartache, my despair at being handicapped. A nature, such as mine is, ambitious to an extreme, cannot, will not accept unwarranted and unjustifiable limitations.Physically disabled as I am, I do not allow my ailments to interfere with my intellectual activities. My life was meant to be a busy life and my mind a busy mind, so regardless of place or circumstances, there shall be something for me to do.