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April 29, 1942

Wednesday Ft. Hughes

The Jeeps held reveille for us on this the Emperor’s birthday. Was aroused at 0730 by the shaking and commotion consequent to a dive bombing attack. And they continued thereafter hot and heavy, – shelling, dive bombing, high level bombing. At 0900 we sent them back 9 – 12″ shells, the accuracy of which was doubtful (to me, at least). Corregidor took a terrific pounding from 25 to 40 Japanese guns at the same time.

We fired back 15 more shells in the afternoon and the Japs bombed us some more. After noon the Japanese ferocity petered out, fortunately. I didn’t see the following but I was told about it. At 1030 at night 2 PBY’s came floating in and landed, It was a bright moonlight night and such a thrilling thing that even the Captain climbed the
“golden stairs” to see them. They took off again aabout midnight reportedly carrying 20 nurses, a general, a few colonels and Commander Bridgett, formerly senior naval officer at Ft. Hughes. If they keep on I’ll be in command of naval units here and can order myself out – somehow.