Thursday, December 18, 1941

Nichols Field had another raid. The city of Iloilo was raided and so was Carde — some damage to all. In lloilo the people on the streets were machine gunned. Hong Kong is not doing so well, but all other fronts are holding. There is not much activity in the Islands, thank Heavens. This afternoon Ada and I made a couple of fruit cakes. We must do something for Christmas. When Carl comes Saturday I think that he will bring a couple of turkeys, and we have plenty of everything else. Do so hope that Dave can come up for Christmas day. When Dave arrived November 20th, he brought with him a big carton of gifts from all the folks at home, and Carl will bring that box along this week-end. That will be our Christmas, and I am so so happy that we have that much for the children. This morning Ada, Eleanor and I went down town here and picked up a few things but there is not much here that can be bought. Just so the children have something. We had promised Bobbie a bicycle for Christmas, but when we explained that it would be impossible this year as the Army had taken over all the bikes, she said that ti would be all right, that in 1943 when it was all over her daddy would buy her a bike then. I thought that was pretty swell of one so young. But we will have enough for them to know that it is Christmas, and after all that is plenty!! And I feel that we are blessed to be able to do that much for them — bless their hearts they have been so very, very good. After finishing the fruit cake I went to bed with a headache, which lasted all night and made me quite miserable.

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