Tuesday, December 30, 1941

The Ivorys have returned to their Pasay home. Today is a holiday (Rizal Day). Carl and Bill played golf. They would not let anything in the way of persuasion stop them. After the game, Carl took us out to our house. Everything there was all right. The cat showed signs of shock and the caretaker said that he could not get her to eat, so we told him to dispose of her in some humane way. The garden looked so pretty — that garden I had tried so to have ready for Christmas — well, 1t did not fail me. The poinsettias were gorgeous and all looked well though I was not so pleased with the looks of the orchids. But that’s nothing to worry over. They are all growing on trees and so they will live. It was marvelous the way our compound escaped fire, for the fire had burned right up to it!!

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