2 Feb. ’42

Azumo called with Lt. Hamamota head of Japanese supplies for the Navy and asked for medical stores and instruments. Protests resulted in only a few instruments being taken at this time and a percentage of medical supplies. They will give me no fixed percentage as they say they will eventually take out patients, and as we will not receive more, the staff will be moved in about a month. I wonder where and if conditions et this time will permit? No news as per routine and hope wanes at times. Long hours with only conjectures to live with. Dr. Sanchez of Cavite called tut was not allowed to talk with me at the door.

Disappointing, as he was the health officer who helped us the day that Cavite was bombed, namely 10 December. Wish to hear of Canacao, but — no. A Japanese Sergeant obtained food from our galley and fed the mental patients. The guard took food for the night crew. They left a five thirty call with the Master at Arms desk. Spirits must pick up. The Japanese guards eat three times a day with food brought to them, but they always survey our galley and ask for extra things. The principle food they like is canned pineapples. This morning when asking for coffee, and our Chinese cook being slow in producing it as only a part of one coffee pot was available for the whole hospital personnel, the guard shoved the coffee pot, with his bayonet off on the floor and marched away.

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