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Feb. 5 — 42

We advanced our line at dawn. I was in the left flank. We advanced to within a kilometer of the beach, when we were ambushed again. Our center end right flanks were on a small hill, and the left flank was on the slope and down. It was on the hill that the firing begin.

We received orders to go down the hill end cmtinue towards the beach. The section of the line I was in dropped down the hill and we reached the beach without any resistance. We’d been there about 10 minutes when 4
machine-guns, and a half – doz. snipers opened a cross-fire on us. We opened fire at random, but 15 minutes later, received orders to pull out and get back to where the rest of our line was held up. We left some Filipinos there who had been killed.

We dropped back, and reached our old position, and the rest of the men. We had to go up the hill, and when I reached the top where the trail was, I found out we were moving back to our C. P., also that a Jap sniper had a bead on the trail and had already killed 2 men and wounded 2 others. I jumped out on the the trail, ran about ten steps then stepped into the woods. Safe, for the time being. The men behind me were held up, and a Lt. in charge of the Filipinos got a rifle and went through the woods back up the trail. A few minutes later we heard
a rifle fire once and the Lt. came stalking up the trail, and said it was alright to proceed. He got the sniper, but I still don’t knows how he spotted him.

We reached our C. P. at dark tired, hungry, and then found out there were a couple of snipers near the camp. We had some cold coffee, and a can of tomatoes a piece, and then I fell asleep.