February 15, 1942

Junkin baby born in cottage hospital at 5:30, starting at midnight. What are these babies –Japanese subjects, citizens? It is Chinese New Year today also. Lee’s amah washed all her clothes for it last night. The Women’s Committee listed working hours credited to each internee. With care of two Scott children and supervision of sections, cans and rags, I’m down at five hours a day, thirty-five a week. Bessie, a nurse, is down as seventy hours. Della, mending clothes, is 48 or 50 hours. Peg with many duties is 23 hours. These are typical; many unfair estimates.

One of the funniest rumors is of a Japanese telling the Chinese group they would soon be out because there were so many of them around that they couldn’t all be interned at once and had to take turns. We saw two
Chinese beaten as looters.

Phil’s beautiful fur skin on his bed is the most out-of-place item in camp, but he is lucky to save it and there is no other spot to place it. My beaver collar coat covers us at night and the silver fox fur is in the duffel bag.

The men sent us berries as a Valentine, figuring eight to each if properly doled out. We had three each with our breakfast fruit. Are we to have the balance in dessert for supper? | should say not. The large shortcake was for the kitchen and dining room crew and some of the Committee. No wonder the Dragon resents entrance into her domain and rates 84 hours a week.

Now, all hands clap loudly for that delicious shortcake which we did not get! The berries, the flour, etc. were spoiling of course! That poor, over-worked cooking staff—we see now why “no one can take its place.” We seem to be nicely fixed, with a Fascist group inside as well as outside the wire.

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