April 3, 1942

Nothing startling has happened today, for we haven’t even been bombed. We had a couple of alarms, but nothing happened. The Jap planes all appeared to be busy over Bataan. The Japs are putting on a show over there today. Have shelled the front heavily for several hours, and it looks as though an attack might be impending. It hasn’t happened yet, but our troops are rather jittery after the pounding they took. We have been more or less expecting an attack for some time, as there has been a great deal of activity on the front of the II Corps, and that is where the shelling took place.

I have handled a tremendous number of papers today. The volume of papers seems to be increasing, and if it keeps up I’ll be swamped. I clean the basket every day thus far, but I notice I get to bed a little later each night. However, I am feeling fine, so I can’t complain.

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