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May 9, 1942

Nothing noteworthy has happened today. We are all confined to lateral #10 and a guard is at the entrance. Last night they brought over a bunch of naval officers and stated that they also were to remain in lateral #10. Since there were only 13 bunks in the main room, and they were all occupied, and as 12 others were added, there was no choice but for them to sleep on the floor. Capt. ____ was among them and I told him to sleep in Gen. W.’s room until the Gen. returned. The Gen. has not returned so I presume he is being kept in Manila until the outcome of negotiations with the various outlying groups is determined. Gen. Moore is restricted to this tunnel also, and today he took in Colonels Cottrell and Bowler to keep them from being sent out to the concentration camp where all the others are assembled. All laterals except #10 were emptied today, and all officers sent to the camp except those here. We were fixed up with some cooked food served by the officer’s mess last night and today. We are to eat twice a day.