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Tuesday, May 9th, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo

Have been feeling droopy all day. My stomach is showing a disposition to give me trouble & felt gripy at time.

The weather is exhaustively hot. The rush of work during the past few days have run me down in strength. Am sleepy and tired tonight.

Read a chapter of Numbers, a psalm & prayed. Cooked breakfast next. Bro. D. G. Hines bought some more personal effects to my room to keep for him. He is marked “duty” & (D.V.) leaves for the front tomorrow. Bro. Dave Freeman also returns to his regiment. However before Hines came in I wrote & copied a letter to Lt.-Col. Wm Evans San Francisco, enclosing 2 receipts. Also sent separately by same mail a mounted photo of No. 2 Calle Sta. Elena. Called at the post office & mailed the same; also rec’d some papers. Dropped in at the English Apothecary on Escolta & purchased a book entitled “Yesterday’s the Philippines by Joe E. Stevens.

Before Hines departed I prayed with him & sent by him, 20 copies assorted S.F. War Crys to the front; 10 to Co. M. 20th Kansas Vol. Inf. & 10 to Co. E. 1st Montana Vol. Inf.

Rev. & Mrs. C. Owens paid another visit to Capt. Morrison out in the bay.

Bro. Clayton Scott, rode up on his poney. We had a talk & prayed together. I sent by him 20 assorted S.F. War Crys to the 2d Reserve Hospital. He had a brief conservatism with Bro. Temple. The later confessed loss of spiritual strength.

While sitting around the house to keep cool & recuperate, I read several chapters in “Yesterday’s in the Philippines”, also new in “Freedom” and “American” & “The Times”.

Cooked & partook of a light suffer as I am not hungry.

Felt tho’ tired to wash dishes. Gave my clothes to Maria to wash this forenoon. I supplied the soap.

Spoke to a soldier about his soul in the English Apothecary on the Escolta.

After supper wrote & copied my 25th Weekly Letter to Lt.-Col. Alice Lewis, 124 W. 14th St. New York.

Thank God the air is getting cool tonight. Will give me a chance to sleep will.