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April 3, 1942 (Good Friday)

Friday , Off Alasasin Pt.

A relatively quiet day, after all the bombing of the previous days. Don’t think for a minute that there was no bombing. Oh No! A total of 23 Japs bombeers bombed but they all bombed the Mariveles area. Corregidor had 24 hours free of falling bombs. The Japs much prefer bombing the Mariveles area where they are unopposed; it’s like old times up in Chungking and the other Chinese areas. God, it would do my heart good to see them get some real aerial opposition.

Nothing else happened all day but obviously the fighting on the Bataan front is getting very intense. I don’t know just how we’re faring there but I do know that the Japs are bombing hell out of our front lines, There was hardly a minute during the daylight hours when we could not see more than one Jap plane in the sky. Yet, some damn fool reporter has the nerve to say that the Japs have only landed on 5 of the 7000 Philippine Islands and that he had spent hours and days in the air over the Philippines and had not seen an enemy plane. He ought to come here. His statement about the islands is silly because the 5 they hold are about 70 percent of the territory. They ought to muzzle those birds.

We are incensed every evening commencing at 5 when we get the first news from KGEI. All we hear is so-and-so says so-and-so. And who gives a damn? We’d be much more interested in some real news, Incidentally we’re getting our broadcasts on a little Emerson portable set – the kind you see people walking around town with. We had forgotten it but broke it out again when the power went off, It’s wonderful – far superior to our big $125.00 set; maybe this is due to the lack of electrical disturbances on board. Anyway it’s great and now I’m glad we didn’t take it back to the Admiral. It belongs to him, but I’m sure he doesn’t care.

That’s all now. All my love.