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April 12, 1942

I would like to know the conditions in Bataan and how our surrendered troops are being disposed of. We have heard nothing except over the radio from Tokyo and from Manila. Mention was made of Generals King, Jones, and Capinpin. Life is settling down to routine here again. Our new troops have been assigned to their duties and it is almost as though we had never been connected with Bataan. I have spent most of the day in bed because of this beastly cold. Am much better though and hope to be all right tomorrow. We have sent some people out of here via plane to Mindanao, and are continuing to do so. Also we are ferrying in some medical and signal supplies from Mindanao. Had an officer pilot take a plane off without authority a couple of days ago. It had a leaky carburetor and hasn’t reported in at any field thus far. It probably crashed in the sea. It is amazing what some people will do under conditions such as these. Some of our planes are making an attack around here today. I am anxious to find out what they have done.