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Day of April 12, 1942

A blistering sun. Attempts at cleanliness and sanitation. Disease rampant, hunger. Thirst. Canteen of water priceless. Gen King and staff nearby. Pappy visits them. Filipino soldier gets under shade of Hosp. fly. Absolute despair and suffering, Start of the famous hike of the lost. Continued all day. No water or food. Helping Col James. Continued all night. Disease and fatigue and weakness taking terrible toll. A halt for about two hours at 11PM. And the rains came. Pappy and myself discuss plans. Rains decide us to keep going. Daybreak and Col James is unable to continue after arrival at __________. Blistering sun and men. Drinking any available water. I beg many youngsters to leave water alone with no success. Use Iodene in my water –if any! Send Filipinos ahead of column asking that any container with water be set on left of road so that some of us could scoop up a handful as we went by. Complete cooperation by Filipinos a great tribute to Amer. rule. Picked up by Jap. staff officer outside San Fernando. Loaded into iron box car and doors shut. Everyone sick. Terrible trip to Capas thrown food by Filipinos. The six KM hike to O’Donnel. Reception and speech by Camp C.O.