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May 15, 1944

I am now trying to enjoy Sheba as a study in psychology.  June and I are timing her shampoos during a week. She is always washing her hair, having it done up by expert hands more and more often. In the morning she wears a crystal choker with a lacy-string sweater and slacks. She can keep dressed up all day because someone in the family does all the hard work and food preparation for her. If Sheba becomes ill she does not need the care of her husband because this same person looks after her and the family meals as well. As Jerry says, it can be done if one has a servant. She has a complex beyond doubt. Having plenty of money, with people kowtowing, has built it up in this particular setup.

Our cubicle will be an excellent spot in which to lie low in case bullets or shrapnel fly during retreat or battle. It is a real shelter dug down into the ground. We could stow away together, with water and food there, if we had to for a few days of uncertainty.