June 11, 1944

Fathers day and I have spent a great deal of time with thoughts of Dad. What a wonderful fellow. I prayed over and over again that I can be with him soon again Fellows who can be with their fathers today probably don’t realize how lucky they are. Capt Melandez was taken to the hospital week ago (June 4,1944) with supposed appendicites. The incision disclosed a twisted intestine part of which had to be removed. His appendix were removed also. He has been fed intervenus only, but is recovering slowly now. It was a very serious operation and his life was not too secure for a few days. Due to the poor food and lack of propert diet it takes a great while to recover. I have been in for the last three days due to an appendicities attack, but am feeling much better today. Hoped to go back to work tomorrow, but will probably be in a few more days.

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