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July 3, 1944 (Monday)

Letters from Home. At 8:00 this morning dropped in at the Embassy and got letters from the Philippines brought by Ambassador Vargas.

With Mr. Gō. At 4:00 p.m. today saw Mr. Yasuhiro Gō at his home at Akasaka. We again went around with him, helping him with a few packages. We met the undersecretary of the cabinet at his office in front of the Premier’s residence.

At Shinbashi Station I nearly got hurt trying to board a train which had already gathered considerable speed. We had to catch the train to deliver some packages to Miss Yuriko Gō who was on her way to Hakone.

Mr. Yasuhiro Gō is leaving tonight for “somewhere” in the mid-Pacific, and before he left he gave me as a present the book Life of Prince Ito by K. Hamada. He seems to be a nice fellow, and I hope to see him again.

Promotions. This morning we were all so happy to receive official communications from President Laurel promoting all the rest of the officers of our group who had not been promoted yet. They are Cruz, Velarde, Villarin, Sison, and Peña.