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Sun. Jan. 28/45

The days are getting warmer and sunnier. We were tired of the cloudy weather. Situation in the camp is not good. A guard shot one of the internees a week ago as he was trying to reenter the camp. Today it happened again. It was at 7 a.m. I was up and dressed, and combing my hair preparatory to going to the kitchen to get the food. The rifle shot rang out and a buzz of excitement followed. It was less than a hundred yards in front of our barracks. This man, according to report, had been out and was sneaking in with a supply of tobacco. A guard saw him, and he was shot. At that time, some of our planes happened to come over, and the guards who had gathered had to take shelter and they left the man lying on the road mortally wounded. Some of the internees wanted to go to the man but were not allowed. When the planes left, the guards carried the man outside the camp and executed him. Because of this incident, the gate was closed to supplies and our meals have been curtailed today. Everyone is jittery. We have no news of our troop movements. Our grain is being rationed to last until Feb. 15. Will we be liberated in time? Just heard that we are to have two roll calls per day now, morning and evening. I certainly wish this business were over. If one only knew, or had a way of knowing how and when, it would not be so bad. The anxiety and worry is the worst part. We are glad we have something else in our lives besides material things, which cannot be taken from us either by the Japs or death. A visitor interrupted our meeting this a.m. I have enjoyed Colossians 2 and 3, especially Colossians 3:1.