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35th Day, Jan. 30, 1945

Pres. Osmeña arrives early this morning with Gen. Romulo and Col. —————. We meet in church. We have a talk and agree that I return to the Phil. We are supposed to leave at midnight tonight. I go back this morning to see Elma. We talk things over again.

Instead of going to San Francisco I have made purchases here in S. Rafael worth $250.00, of everything one desires including women’s and children’s wearing apparel, in Albert’s department store.

We eat our lunch here. A $0.40 lunch was excellent. Cost of living here is relatively low, very low indeed compared with the Philippines.

I can buy all of Albert’s store and sell it in the PI. with over 100% profit.

I met Lt. Parker’s sister late in the afternoon—Mrs. Davis.

I haven’t been able to visit the UC.

I find that people in California have slowed their tempo. They are not always in a rush like 30 yrs. ago. Elevators move slowly up and down, slower than Manila.

I see more ladies in the family way now on streets and in stores than 30 yrs. ago. Many more are carrying young babies in public places than before.

Elma, Margene and Shirley came in tonight. What beautiful girls, Margene and Shirley. Oh! How happy Joe would be with those two sweet girls around him! I’ll share them so long as I live. I’ll share anything I have with them as if they were my own children.

Capt. Pushing and Mrs. Pushing are good people. They are friends of Elma.

The first morning we came in, $.35 for breakfast gives one everything worthwhile eating; fruit, milk, eggs, coffee, waffles, toast, etc.

Weather conditions do not allow us to leave this evening or at midnight.