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April 13, 1970


11:55 PM

April 13, 1970
Malacañang Palace

8:00 AM – Reorganized by integrating the Intelligence of the AFP. Signed the order I dictated two months ago.
9:00 AM – Resumé of the situation in the Philippines, pp. 158-164 of this diary.
9:30 AM – Reassessment of the economic situation. Have decided to order the passage of a resolution by the Monetary Board imposing an across the board 10% export tax in effect if the Congress does not approve the export tax bill by Friday. The IMF cleared this Saturday. I warn the Senate tomorrow.
10:00 AM – Meeting with Pasang Masda jeepney drivers to stop any strikes and work out the trust fund of P2.5 million for all jeepney drivers (although the oil companies committed P5 million).
11:00 AM – Conference with the legislative leaders on the minimum wage.
12:00 AM – Conference of labor leaders with Chamber heads (Montelibano of Agri., Francia of Industry, Manalo of Commerce and Lim of Int. Ch. of Commerce).
3:00 PM – Ouezon Prov. Peasants
3:30 PM – Lunch
5:00 PM – Golf with Amb. Toshio Urabe, Laurel, Greg Licaros
10:00 PM – Gov. Nepomuceno and Rico, the man assigned to get Dante.
10:30 – 11:30 PM – Al Yuchengco and Mr. Tollenson of Frontier